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Since 2019, Our company is selling Sinicon Sand products. 

The features of our product is;

1. Sinicon Sand Heat Proofing Plaster for Roof || Wall || Ceiling 

2. Completely fire proof.

3. Durable & easy to apply.

4.  AC user can save upto   50% or more electricity. 

5. Cool Interior during Summer & Warm Interior during Winter.

6. No more plaster  cracks/spalling due to extreme heat.

7. It is Ultra light weight product.

8. Its reduce high rise structural buildings costs.

9. Energy Saving "Green Product".

10. Low moisture absorption hence reduces corrosion in the steel structure.

11. Double the life of the building.

12. Excellent acoustic properties helps you enjoy music better.

13. Tested by national and International test laboratories.

14. It is vermin and termite resistant.

15. Application same as like sand, no special skills required.


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