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Established in 1989, Meera kunj poly trader are one of the primary traders are selling pipes, water line fittings, PVC fittings, water tanks.Infused with the aim to deal in best quality of pipes and fittings. We, Meera kunj poly trader are the best solutions provider within your reach. Today we are the authorized traders of leading companies. We have made a continuous improvement in the supply of various genuine and trusted quality pipes.To meet the ever increasing market requirements.
PVC Pipe - Flexible pipes, Flexible pipes, Stainless Steel Flexible pipes and Industrial Flexible Pipes, Garden Pipes, Conduit Pipes, Elastomeric Pipes and Plumbing Pipes.

Water Line Fittings - We are specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Pipe Line Fittings in the international market. The Main Pipe Line Fittings made accessible by us are made from the best quality raw materials including cast iron and ductile iron. These main line pipe fittings are very endurable and have long functional life. Main line Fittings * Suitable for water line * Suitable for sewage Line.
Water Tank.
Water Tanks - We are liquid storage containers, these tanks are usually storing water for human consumption. The need for water tank systems is as old as civilized man. A water tank provides for the storage of drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other possible solutions.plastic water storage tanks, these plastic water storage tanks provide a permanent, affordable solution to selection of underground water storage needs. These water storage tanks are the rust proof, leakage proof, no water contamination and supplies totally pure water. These plastic water storage tanks have computerized design and are structurally looking good. Sintex water storage tank material is nonporous, Light Weight as well as durable.

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